About Tina

Tina Townsend ArtistTina Townsend was born and raised in British Columbia where she still resides with her beautiful daughters. She has always had a great passion for art and creating with her hands but feared the saying “Starving Artist”. Finally jumping fully into the passion that has driven her day and night she has never looked back from what stirs her to the core. Working in the health care system has always brought many joys and trials to her life but never felt it to be her career. Now when asked what she does replies “I’m an Artist but for work right now I’m In Healthcare”.

Continually growing and flowing as an artist comes out on the canvas with every stroke of the brush. Tina always walked on the safe side of her creativity until she decided to bust out and create with boldness and movement. All paintings are originals from an artist who paints with a passion that has been fueled by years of training and experience. When asked why she paints, Tina responds “I have to, it’s who I am”.

The beauty in nature that surrounds us all, brings a refreshing, creative burst that Tina transfers from her heart to canvas. With each and every piece of her artwork she captures her soul, and allows you into a world of passion and creativity.